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B. Eakins

The death of any one is cause for concern from all of us. The unexplained death of a woman who was rejected by her own family while she was alive is even more tragic.
The police seem to be putting more time and effort into resolving the circumstances of her demise than her family or others put in to turning her away from the type of life in which she found herself. My condolences to the family and my congratulations to the police for finding the body of a woman others had thrown away, even in life, and acting professionally in investigating her death.


As a close friend of Bruce Kessler I feel I must comment on the last post. Bruce and his mother were estranged from the choices Joanne has made in her life. Absolutely nothing to do with Bruce. That you may be so quick to judge has really enraged me. I became more and more disgusted with every word I read. I cant believe people with such little knowledge of the facts could be so blaintently vocal and the truth is the BPD has still not solved her case. They still do not even know her cause of death. So hold your congradulations.. and for some one with such a sharp tongue you should really watch your words. The "type of lifstyle in which she had found herself" was a choice all by her which has been his whole life. I cannot properly defend the last remark towards the Kessler family without bashing her. And I WONT. Saddened by Joanne's death I am. But more so, I am saddened for Bruce realistically knowing, his whole life, he could NOT save her and for making sure he would not surround himself, or his daughter around that "type of lifestyle." And I am saddened for Joanne for the decisions SHE has made as an ADULT which has helped her reach this terrible fate. Glad you're so quick to attack her son. You obviously aren't too familiar with situations like his. Lucky for you. Why am i bothering...outside looking in is the easiest place to stand and judge.

B. Eakins

Dana: Please do not assume that you are the only one with direct knowledge of the family, its history and its problems. No judgement is offered as none is needed- the facts speak for themselves. No offense is intended either, at least by me. I cannot pretend to speak for you although your attitude is quite plain in your post. Sometimes when we are too close to a person or issue our judgement may be clouded by that very closeness and leave us blind to facts readily apparent to others who are less subjective.
As to solution of the crime, if there was one, only the TV addicts expect all cases to be solved in a day. One must also consider that people, like Joanne, who have chosen to live outside society's norms associate with people who themselves are less likely to be helpful to police investigators. Please remember that knowing, or thinking we know, or being real sure because we heard a rumor from someone who knows, is a long way from the quality of information required from the police when they bring their case before the courts. Certainly you would not want a rush to judgement which could result in damage to innocent persons or in losing the case against a guilty one.

Paul Heron

"chosen to live outside of society's norms"

That's precious. And pedophiles are just people who choose alternative relationship paradigms.

The son posted here, so you know he reads (or did read) this site. To make the asinine and hurtful statements in your first comment and then come back unapologetic with some inane blather in your second is too much. Please take a walk outside of the norm - ie, off the Newburgh-Beacon bridge.

Bruce Kessler

Thank you to the people who understand my feelings . As for anyone(thus far only one idiot) who thinks they have direct knowledge of my life and feel they can judge me and certain members of my family for the relationship we had with my mother you can think what you want . If you havent walked a mile in my shoes your words mean nothing , you know nothing , and your opinion is worth less than nothing , so just keep your mouth shut because there is already too much b.s surrounding my mothers death . I dont need critics analyzing the situation . I thank Nik Bonapartus from the Poughkeepsie Journal for shedding some light on this ordeal . Thanks to Paul Heron also for suggesting such a terrific idea for know-it-all "B. Eakins" . Perhaps he should also play in some of the traffic on the bridge before he takes his walk off


I am the niece of Joanne Kessler and i live in Philadelphia it is now Oct. 3, 2008 and i just found out what happened to my aunt we were out of touch for a while and i decided to look her up on the computer and when i could not find her i looked for her son bruce. Although i have not seen them as often as i would of liked i still loved them and thought about my aunt and my 2 cousins often.I was reading some of the stuff that had happened and to the people who have such harsh things to say u need to really take a good look at urself. she had her prolbems and she made mistakes but that does not mean she was not a good hearted person. i know that she loved me even if she was far away. we had eachother in our hearts and everybody gets mad at the people u love but that does not mean they don't care so to say she had no family that cared believe me if we would have known what happened down here in philly she would of had a SHITLOAD of family there for her and her children. Bruce i am very sorry u had to do that on ur own but we r here now and like he said no one has ever walked in his shoes so be careful on who u judge R.I.P. Aunt Joanne Kessler (nee)Shipley she left behind 2 sons Bruce Kessler, and Michael Kessler and a beautiful grand daughter known to her daddy as pooty also sister Patricia Haines the late Frank Shipley and the late Debra Shipley also had MANY nieces and nephews We Love You R.I.P

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