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my question in in in truth is it a majority of beacon or just a hand full that bow befor the admin of beacon against sassie


Well, the councilman who was the most vocal critic of Chief Sassi, Lee Kyriacou, got the most votes of any council candidate in the last election. If that's any indication, there are a LOT of people in this town who are sick of this whole issue and want a new chief.

Mad Lady

Mayor Clara should stop down! I worked with Sassi for 30 years as an employer!

Mad Lady

Just nominated him for Hometown Hero Award for Lifetime Contribution.

B. Eakins

I am just curious why Mr. Sassi wanted public coverage of the first set of charges but now wants to retreat behind a wall of anonymity for the second and third set. Perhaps we should look at the question of who is being served here, the public he is sworn to serve or himself. I am sure he has done many things for the community but were they done out of altruism or for the good they would do him? I am sure we can find many people who have benefitted from his actions but how are the more who have been hurt by them? Perhaps when the attention given the police department is devoted to the question of the malfeasance or nonfeasance of the chief then it is time for the focus to be shifted by the retirement of that individual.
As a side note- billp- are you attempting to emulate ee Cummings or are you totally unacquainted with punctutation and capitalization?


No doubt you got me on the "e"! Are we discussing the same subject? My writing or Chief Sassi's contributions? Hope you are not on the city council, wasting your time nitpicking! Ever served on the front lines? Ever seen human tragedy? I'll be glad to go head to head with you with respect to Beacon Police track record! Don't you have better things to do then criticize petty things. What happened? You didn't get a ticket squashed? P.S. I am a published writer!

Mike D

Mad Lady, B. Eakins was referring to the first comment written by "billp", not your responses...

B. Eakins

I really do think that it would be best if we kept this thread centered on the question of whether the current chief of police should become the former chief of police. And the matter is about him, and perhaps his son, not about the fine officers who are laden with his "leadership".
It would be unseemly for those who are willing to share their opinions to detract from this serious debate by insulting each other or engaging in one-upmanship. For myself I can only say, in the words of my grandson, "been there, done that, got the T shirt" and I have had the privilege of seeing my by-line in public print. This does not make me a better person, better informed maybe, but not better.


sassie has already showed in the past he is the man for the job

Interested to know

Could someone summarize the issues surrounding all this?

B. Eakins

The short version seems to revolve around the question of to whom, if anyone, the chief of police is answerable. If he is subordinate to some other person or group then how should that person or group proceed when he is perceived to have been insubordinate and committed some other unnamed acts which are seen as inappropriate or illegal. That person or group must then decide if his stewardship of the agency if meritorious and will he continue in office or be replaced by a more worthy leader.

Former Resident - STurner

Well it's been over 2 years since we left Beacon. This was going on when we left and it seems to have only gotten uglier.

It really shows Beacon in a very bad light and is embarrassing - buy him out and get it done!

And yes, there was often rude and unprofessional behavior on the part of some officers - I would like to say it was only one or two but I can't. As with any business or organization - the level of customer service and tone used in interaction with the public - is usually a mirror of the methods used by the leader - in this case, Chief Sassi.

His actions over the past two years seem to prove this theory - he has been both rude and unprofessional in his response to this "situation". The respect I once had for him is gone. And unfortunately for him, I am not alone in my opinion. Sometimes you just have to let things go for the greater good.


I think other than bashing Sassi-one should look at the council and inparticular the chief administrator for blatant abuse of the constitutional rights of the citizens in which they are supposed to protect-when the chief administrator and council work to deceive the community and target individual citizens depriving them of their civil rights, then the problem goes far deeper than a chief of police who chooses to openely express his opinion and beliefs

I am fairly new to this town; however, i am thoroughly disgusted and disheartened with the council and in particular the chief administrator, and believe that perhaps once other facts are brought out regarding this case as well as others-that this town will see the chief's case in a different light whether they agree or disagree with him

Mad Lady

What happened to freedom of the press? I couldn't pay the Poughkeepsie Journal for a personal ad defending Officer P. who should have asked for a blood test, filed assault charges and possibly attempted murder against the drug offender who spit on him exposing him to HIV/HepC. Offender had illegal weapon, drugs, resisting arrest charges that got reduced!

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