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south davis has been a sess pit for years made that way by the town board and the beacon houseing ath. not the tenets have have knowen good people who lived there due to income based needs who worked hard for a living forced to live next to drug dealers and other such stuff. i wish the officer a quick recovery and to the shooter a long jail term with bubba. this is the stuff the dispatch should worry about not the peing contest of joe braun but the quality of life of hard working families forced to live in beacons deep dark secret makes me wounder how parents feel about a school across the street from the dump.


Come on people lets buy property for trees for a $1 million. Now u tree huggers understand why that money should be spent on the police and fire departments that need MORE STAFFING!


38 men in the police and 12 for the fire don't cut. Lets spend that million on hiring more cops and firemen!!!!!


It's a myth that more spending and additional personnel will reduce violent crime. The Beacon police force needs to re-vamp their culture and procedures to use their already adequate resources more effectively. There are 38 officers on the force yet you never see a cop on the beat, in neighborhoods - getting to know the people they are protecting. You don't see a serious attitude to policing because the current management of the Beacon police are more involved in politics and suing the City than they are in their duties. The fact that this shooting occured is a direct result of a conscious decision by the management of the police force to use their positions as a political tool, a weapon of sorts, with which to try to hurt the council, mayor and administrator. In the end it only hurts the residents through lax policing, and now, a fine officer has been seriously hurt as well.

It is time to get on with the business of re-vamping the police force, and cleaning up the gangs & drug trade in Beacon. Top priority.


I think what the others were saying and what the person was saying about the "hidden fire department story" is that we need more firemen and cops.

Although we have a 38-40 man police force, we really only currently have half of that. Since a lot of officers have retired, left to go elsewhere, and are on comp -> we only have 8-14 patrolmen on the streets. This is VERY dangerous and we need to work on getting more officers on to get cops back on the beat and on the bikes in the summer.

As with the FD, there is only 12 paid fireman. The rest are volunteers. Volunteers have decreased to dangerous low numbers and 90% of the volunteers are just kids looking for something to do with minimal training and DISICPLINE. We needed to hire 4-8 firemen 10 years ago!

Yesturday showed we need to have a full force of 40 men and we need to hire 4-8 firemen. We need a professional force of emergency workers to protect our city. It also showed we have shootings, stabbings, and dangerous fires.


Concerned  citizen

My understanding is that the local politicians have authorized the funds for the hiring of additional officers but the police department can't get anyone to fill the positions.

I don't see how yesterday's shooting showed that we need more officers I do not think having a full force of 38 or 40 officers working yesterday would have made a difference. The officers working yesterday handled the criminal event superbly. The good guys all went home at the end of the day and the bad guy was caught and if he lives will spend many many years in prison!

Godspeed in recovery officer Hopper!

B. Eakins

Maybe if we had spent more of our tax money on the education of the poor misguided soul who shot the policeman it would not have happened. Clearly the community has failed this young man and we must investigate how we should increase our spending on social issues to assure that he is rehabilitated,not punished, and that no more follow in his footsteps. On the other hand this event may be demonstrative of just how fouled up some people are and that spending all the money in the world on pie-in-the-sky projects will not change that. I wish a quick recovery to the PO who was shot and congratulate his partner for good marksmanship.


Does Bil Erlic, the developer own buildings at Forestal Heights? Shouldn't the property owner help with safety?

B. Eakins

Forrestal Heights is a property of the Beacon Housing Authority- you tax dollars at work.


Forrestal Heights and Ham Fish Plaza are Federal Public Housing Projects maintained by the Beacon Housing Authority, just as with NYCs Housing Projects.

S Davies Terrace, Tompkins Terrace, and the new Meadow Ridge are state run housing projects, some of which are ran by contracted compaines.

This is a city and all citys in NY need to harbor these facilities. From NYC to Mechanicsville (smallest city in NY). As a city we harbor the poor and provide services to them. If you don't like it MOVE! Go get a cabin in the woods in the Catskills.

It was very unfournate what happened yesturday, however as a free market, we will always have people below the means of living and it is the responsibilty of our countries citys to take care of these people.

B. Eakins

It is the responsibility of all societies to provide for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to adequately do so for themselves. For a variety of reasons it is the cities which have found themselves burdened with the vast majority of such housing facilities. Five such projects have been named in Beacon, can anyone name some, if any, in Fishkill, Wappinger or any other town in the area? Bravo to the emergency services who provide the services so very often needed by "these the least of my brethren."

actually I could

Actually I Could.

In fact there is a project larger than any in Beacon!!!

Can Anyone Guess?

A: In the Village of Wappingers, there is the Imperial Housing Projects. A massive 15 story X style housing building. You know the large hi-rise behind Home Depot....

TM Conroy

I was just there today, handing out some campaign literature for the upcoming November election. I had never been in that complex before, but it seemed pretty run down.

Anyway, as a new Beaconite, I appreciate the police, even though it seems clear that we need a new chief. I also agree that the police should get out and walk around town a bit more, and get to know the community better.

Finally, what is so wrong with liking trees? I think it's great that Beacon has so much natural beauty. If that makes me a "tree hugger," then that is what I am, (though in fact, I've never actually hugged a tree, nor has anyone else I happen to know).

Disappointed Democrat

It's a pretty sad day when an officer gets shot and not ONE person on the City Council or the Mayor's office calls to see how either officer involved in Wednesdays shooting is fairing.I mean ONE person how difficult is it to pick up the phone and put aside the anger and venom to simply say, How are you? Thanks for putting your life on the line for this city.

What is the problem? Has this city become so hardened against human life?

These officers put their lives on the line daily for the people of Beacon but because of this current council they have become demonized and evil.

When is the council going to realize that two officers on the road is not going to help clean up this city? Crime has gone up because the lack of manpower. Do you expect 2 people to cover the whole entire city?

As a democrat I am ashamed and embarressed of this council. You are not doing what is right for this city and you should be ASHAMED.

Concerned Citizen

Disappointed Democrat, where do you get your information from? The minimum number of officers on a shift is the same now as it has been for as long as I can remember. Your statement of 2 officers is not correct! People keep trying to blame the politicians for the low staffing numbers. It may partially be their fault, but the Chief and others in the department are equaly if not more to blame. The Chief and others in the department have done their part at pushing out good officers so the dirty, rotten ones could go on ininhibited and run amok. The politicians have authorized the hiring of new officers to bolster the department's numbers but very few want to come here.

You mention two people to cover the whole entire City... If that is the case, then two other officers are not doing their job! Supervisors should be there to ensure that officers are not sitting at the station with their feet up on the desk watching a ball game while citizens wait to be served and protected at the officer's leisure. Do you think it dosen't happen, well it does!

Nobody will deny that Beacon needs more officers, but I don't think it's fair to say that this particular criminal act was preventable. That Patterson guy knowingly and intentionally tried to commit the murder of at least one officer, period end. People can say society failed him, his family failed him, the City Council failed him, whatever... The bottom line is that he has evil running through his blood and is no good. He ond only he is responsible for his actions! In my opinion, more cops on the street would not have changed that.

The City has not identified or otherwise redressed those demonized and evil officers in its ranks. That is a big part of the problem. You can't deny their existence! The Council knows who the good and bad are in the Department, they've said they've known for a long time, yert nothing is done to rid the department of the "bad apples." What's the hold up with cleaning house?

On a final note, there is no excuse for any of the politicians not reaching out for the injured officer and his partner. If in fact they haven't, shame on them!



Check out MHNN.com

Kid shot at the cops in Newburgh during a riot and the cops returned fire killing him!

Gregory Strong

It does indicate that the shooter, if there was one, is from Beacon.


ooops...should be It does NOT indicate the shooter was from Beacon.


From the THR:

Cops shoot, kill activist's son
October 30, 2006
Newburgh — The son of a Newburgh activist was shot and killed by police tonight following a shootout involving another person.

Anthony Bryant, the son of activist Omari Shakur, was gunned down on William Street near Broadway around 8 p.m. tonight, according to Shakur. Bryant was apparently involved in a shootout with another party when police arrived, according to witnesses.

The shooting brought a massive response from police, including police agencies from outside Newburgh and helicoptors flying over the city. A loud crowd taunted the police as they closed in on the scene, but eventually disbursed without major incident.

Details remain sketchy and police were still investigating the incident last night.

See tomorrow's Times Herald-Record for details.


son lives in beacon and dad lives in tha burgh


I used to live in Beacon many years ago and well, left b/c of the massive increase in crime. I was a single mother and couldn't do it anymore. I now live in a city of 23,000 with less police officers and we seem to have a lot less crime. I loved Beacon and alll the memories I had growing up there but I could no longer tolerate the seeming "blind eye" to the crime. For such a small city, it just seems a bit out of control. Am I wrong? I am sincerely asking. Beacon in its heyday was a brilliant, vibrant city and it seemed like it was returning to its roots due to many people who grew up in small towns moving out of the city and old time Beaconites coming out and pitching in. I love this town and I think it deserves all the revitalization it can get. I was thinking of a move back but just wondered if the crime is really out of control again? Thanks for any help or details anyone gives me. I am saddend by this event and wish all the best to the families involved.

come on

I am really surprised that nobody is asking about the Beacon shooter's parents. Where were they? Why was that kid not in school at 2:00 PM? How did he get a gun in the first place? And now there's another incident in Newburgh. Again - where was the father? Why was his kid out in the middle of the night shooting at police officers? Wasn't it a school night? If he was so vigilant videotaping the police doing their job, why wasn't he as vigilant with his own son? I would say it is the parents' responsibility first to raise a good and decent human being, not the community's. Be a parent to your children. Too many parents are irresponsible, and this is what happens.

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