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I have loved this building for years and am happy if anyone restores it but I would love a performing arts center that truly facilitates many different venues besides just film. I think to be true to the town and the old theatre, a preforming arts center with a couple of screens or so and a stage and lounge would be just incredible. Let's get great artists to join the already great artists that live here. That is where the money comes in. People just stop in for a flick but with a performing arts center , the town itself can be involved and many different people. Therefore when people come for the Center they come to experience the town and a band or a show or bring many others to contribute or watch. The Hudson needs a brighter arts scene. Afterall this is where the majority of artists live. Let's keep them here. I heard a statistic recently that came out of Atlanta that for every one dollar that was spent at a sporting event, 4 dollars came in from the arts and more of that money went back to a charitable organization or to improving the afterschool programs or to the town itself. I would love the Old Theatre to become a place of nurturing, bustling activity and varied arts experiences!!!! We old beaconites deserve it!


Something like "The Boulder Theatre" would be nice. (google it)

Movies(with beer),concerts, theatre, etc...




Yes, the Boulder. There needs to be potential for in town resident artists and area artists to present their work. Nothing seems affordable anymore, performance space wise and screening wise and with this incredible community...you can't go wrong. Also a place for benefits and such. Give back to the town.


The only thing having a performing arts center instead of a theater would be I and I expect many other folks would have less of a reason to go there. Just put up a movie theater and be done with it. Does everything have to be ultra hippy here?

movie theater would fail

A music center would draw people from outside the community. Unless it was something really special a movie theater would depend on mainly locals supporting it, Beacon does not have a good track record of recent time in regards to locals supporting new business (wah wah, the coffee costs five more cents, If it's not made in china garbage that costs less than two dollars than i'm not buying attitude eg.. ) I can't understand why town residents want business to fail and laugh when they do, it's pretty sad.

dan rigney

I should be moving my family to Beacon in the next couple months and am looking forward to being a part of this city. I like the idea of developing that space, but also know it will be a long haul for whoever talks it over. The multiple cinema idea is probably the most viable plan I've seen. with 3 or 4 screens running, they could program it to reach a pretty wide audience. I am sympathetic those who are calling for multi-arts space, used to be a music director at one myself, but it only takes a quick look at the latest issue of Chronogram to see that the surrounding Hudson Valley is pretty well saturated with performing arts venues. Whatever goes there will need to compete in the local marketplace to survive. If the winner is multi-arts, whoever was programming it would need to have a very unique vision in order for the center to attract its own audience. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it appears to be the more difficult of the two plans.


Please let it be a modern movie house with a cafe or some other type of hang out. No Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcooat please. i can go to Wappingers for that.

We have a rare opportunity to have a profiitabe movie house right on main street. People are not going to come to beacon to see second rate theatre, but they will come for a independent film or film festival and especially for great childrens movies.

TM Conroy

I am excited about this, but one important question, what about parking?


This is a private enterprise deal and the general public should be happy if something positive comes from it. The parking issue is overblown in Beacon. If it is worth going to people will get there. Go to NY and try and park.
If the This city needs commercial tax income. Help the businesses by relaxing some of the obstacles. NYS is one of the most difficult states to run a successful business in , let's welcome either party.


To capitalist: why should we help developers? This is the same developer doing the theater that owns everything else in town, and let's it fall apart, including not paying for the old high school. No breaks for people that don't help in the first place.


Rex: Your post could be a bit confusing. To clarify, it's not the same developer who "owns everything else," Ehrlich, who is planning to develop the theater. He's SELLING it. As I recall the story, the developer who's buying it is a theater guy from Brooklyn and the other guy, who seems to still have some hopes of getting a shot at it, is a local Beacon man.


I lived in Park Slope when the Pavillion opened (that's the guy from Brooklyn's theater). There were rumours that it was going to be an art house theater like the Angelika and we were all so excited! Alas, he has a bunch of blockbusters after all. Maybe an indie film thrown in every now and then. The theater does well, because that neighborhood has a huge population. I'm not sure the same thing would do well here as there are multiplexes all over showing the same sh*t. I would hope there are a variety of movies and I would love to see a live production theater as well. In any case...the Pavillion was a nice theater with a GREAT cafe, for those of you worried about the cafe.


I hope people do a heck of a lot more research about performance art spaces before they make up there minds about what is more viable. Remember those spaces include a few screens for movies and more! I do like the idea of the obviously ignorant blogger who calls a performing arts space "ultra hippie" YOu must not get out much or rarely at all. Wow, shocked that cavemen still walk the earth. GEICO is right afterall! It's people who have zero knowledge who make such completely ridiculous statements.
People would come from all around and a multi-media space would include a few movie screens, a performing arts space and a music venue. This would more so bring people from all around. The blogger who is moving here soon is sadly misinformed about ALL the great venues in the Hudson Valley. Yeah, theatre and music is just overflowing here. NOT! A majority of the venues are waaaaaaayyyy too huge or in need of a massive renovation. This only caters to developers and commercial producers (who usually produce crap...Joseph or Annie, hey how about Grease!) We're not talking musical tours, or massive names. I guess having lived in Brooklyn in my life, I know how people thirst for smaller venues for music, film and theatre and this city needs it desperately. The people will come. The PAvillion in Brooklyn is pretty enough but a complete blockbuster crap hole that shows the worst in film. I went there years ago and just don't go anymore. This town doesn't need a multiplex with a great cafe. It needs a mix of all the arts. Again, people will come. Those that live in Fishkill won't come here for blockbusters, they will just stick to 84. Do something unique and give them reason to get out of theri towns and into Beacon businesses and celebrate the beauty of here. I have lived all over the map in small towns that have opened performance art spaces and they have been nothing but successful. A strictly movie house will tank and will not promote more town involvement. Multi-use is the only way to go. Too "hippie" for you. Still in shock!


Correct me if I'm wrong -- don't movie theatre chains make deals to exclusively show movies from particular studios? An independent multi-screen, movie house might be very limited indeed. Multi-use would at least insure multi-possibilities, including showing from time to time the very same movies/films an independent cine-plex could show. No matter what happpens with the space, I'll be there whenever I can get a babysitter...


For all those of you interested in a variety of arts events and a great cafe atmosphere on east main street, please note, there is a lovely coffeehouse two doors down from the old theatre. It is called Chthonic Clash. They have film and music there EVERY weekend. Have any of you tried going to an event there??? Maybe the way to convince people to invest big is to support small attempts at programming first!

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