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B. Eakins

The citizens of Beacon have a reasonable expectation that their employees will act with a level of professionalism comensurate with their positions and responsibilities.
Neither Mr. Braun nor Mr. Sassi seem to have met those expectations. Mr. Sassi should demonstrate leadership and concern for his city and department and retire with such dignity as he can muster. The Mayor should re-evaluate the performance of Mr. Braun and consider whether he too should be replaced. For Mr. Sassi to continue to hold the city and department,and the people they are supposed to serve, hostage to his pique at being charged and found at fault reflects badly on him both as a man and as a superior ranking police officer.


i hope chife sassi wins he still has the right to speak his mind on the city gov as a tax payer of the city and one must remeber mr braun dose not live in beacon hopefuly this will now bring the truth out on braun

B. Eakins

billp- It is nice to see that you continue to refuse to let facts get in the way of your prejudices. I am no fan of Mr. Braun but it is Mr. Sassi who has managed to run the police department into the ground and who refuses to accept any responsiblity for his actions. It is also Mr. Sassi who declines constructive action and insists on filing dubious and expensive law suits in an attempt to avoid any penalties for what he has done. We will doubtlessly be better off without both of them just as the police department is better off without its absentee chief.

Concerned Citizen

It's a shame! Both Braun and the Mayor have allowed former Chief Sassi to become the animal he is and damage the police department and the community. Both Mr. Braun and Mayor Gould should be held accountable for their inaction along with the former Chief.

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