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Sad state of Beacon

We all know why Tallix left, just like most of us are moving for the new NYC people. Just as Unico left and the hat factory. TAXES! You tree huggers keep buying up properties to perserve the land. What is this Maine! NO ITS A CITY. Stop buying land and give it to the people to develop Beacon into a CITY! Otherwise we are going to have to beg the trees to pay us taxes!!!!!!!


If you want Beacon to be a true city with businesses that work and thrive (unlike Main Street of my yesteryears here, mostly abandoned and unfunctional) you better aquaint yourself with the fact that taxes will go up. Hmmm, logic! Instead of complaining and blaming and finger pointing, join in the nurturing of this "city"! Plenty of us older residents are doing it. But with people like you, it's damned if you do and damned if you don't. You can't win. I want, I want and then no effort put forth. Stop with the juvenile name calling and labels and get truly active.

Joe Reporter

Sad to see Tallix go. Instead of spinning our wheels on open space properties that beaconites will never have free open access to, we should be concentrating on preserving and building our tax base. Yes fellow Beaconites, TREES DON'T PAY TAXES !!

not billp

Hey, i thought all you old timers hate all the artists and their expensive coffee, now you are sad to see them go. I'd say the tallix people are more akin to nyc people than to the tax complainers. Beacon's taxes are low because of the dense populatin of a city. The more miles of sanitary sewer and water lines we install, the more miles roads we have to pave. Developers pay once. Residents pay the rest of thier life. Enjoy the fact that these "NYC" residents have moved up here and brought some motvation and drive to clean up a city that was a joke to the rest of the county. (not you second poster) Our taxes have a long way to go to reach east fishkill levels. Just say no to new fire equipment and a consolidated fire house.


tallix was a good was a employer it gave jobs as unico did(we should all see production plants ruin the quality of life if you ask a nimby)


It is amazing that no one realizes what this town used to be. A vibrant, bustling small city. Didn't major corporations and factories turn their backs and flee. Weren't these the folks that polluted the River and ran and left all of us to pick up the pieces. The 70's brought some horrific building on green spaces in this city. We may be a city but we are certainly a town. The developers that are here need to begin revitalizing their properties and we have to keep green spaces green or we will most certainly become a cess pool. Trust me, it happens all over when people whine and moan about taxes (Beacon's are still very low!)and then you have the world's ugliest small town and then the corporations flee and the town and it's folks get shafted once again. I trust the Beacon residents, the artists, the environmentalists (these are the people who fight tooth and nail for good not for bad and they always seem to keep the larger picture in mind) and I urge the people with the cash to move it all forward a bit quicker please. (The people with the cash certainly aren't the artists, the Beacon residents and the environmentalists, they do the sweat work) It may take years, I am aware of that but it's been years. I am a life long Beaconite and welcome this positive growth that brings my home back to what it used to be so long ago. More foot traffic and attention will certainly clean up all the cowardly drug dealers and people who commit crimes against Beacon residents. We deserve a better.

former tallix employee

well, since i WORKED at tallix..... i can tell you it has nothing to do with beacon. it all started from the inner workings. i had worked there for four years and have seen how the administration changed, the employees dwindling, jobs becoming fewer and fewer....... i loved working there and have many fond memories. I enjoyed my stay at Tallix and even Beacon. We would giggle at the Rennaissance of Beacon they were talking about, but alas, it has changed. But it's not the town that drove Tallix out. It's Tallix that drove Tallix out

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