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In brief, the design plans for the proposed Beacon Library are hideous. They are not in-keeping with the architecture of the area, for it is a "signature" building by the famous architect Michael Graves. No offense to Mr. Graves, but Beacon's new library should be a composite of the best design elements already reflected in many of its long-standing buildings, not a reflection of Mr. Graves' personality. Have your seen his teapots or perhaps the Disney resorts? They all contain the same design features as does this new library. Please go to the library and see for yourself and please attend the next meeting which will be Monday 10/18 7pm at BHS-Thanks

Ivette Velez

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Regarding the three recent editorials in the Beacon Free Press targeting zoning regulation, it is apparent that the zoning laws as written are not specifically clear and are subject to interpretation by the either the individual or the zoning board members, depending upon whom the applicant is.

The issue and controversy at hand, is the utilization and conversion of a very small accessory building (a 15' x 25' one-car garage), into a one-bedroom apartment/garage. The feuding families involved include the homeowners who are proposing this conversion and the adjoining neighbor whose home will be only 8' from this new structure. (You must read the editorials to truly appreciate the seriousness of this issue).

The confusion seems to stem from the zoning regulation that “encourages the development of the existing stock of dwellings and accessory buildings to be used to provide economic support for those of limited income.” Does that mean that everyone in Beacon can tear down their existing garage, construct a new one and add a 600 SF (or larger) apartment to it? Or does it suggest renovation/conversion of the existing structure as is, with no additional space added? If the first scenario is the correct interpretation (as it was in this case), then Beacon’s future may see the development of these accessory apartments interspersed amongst single-family homes. Imagine YOUR neighbor's garage being renovated and expanded to a size that would encroach upon your property!!! For some of us, our neighbors are too close for comfort as it is.

Surprisingly, Lee Kyriacou (City Councilmember) was present at this session of the zoning board of appeals in SUPPORT of the neighbors proposing the apartment dwelling. An unusual presence indeed. In an effort to make the reality of the situation more palatable, he used the example that many homeowners in Westchester County are creating apartments in accessory buildings - AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE US FEEL BETTER??? Is this the example that he wants Beacon to follow? It would be a dour future for Beacon homeowners if we were to blindly follow the sage councilman’s ‘advice.’

Sadly, this is one of many issues in Beacon, and yet another eye-opener for me. I encourage you to attend the city council meetings, write to your mayor and council- members and become more involved and aware of what is going on behind our backs and under our noses. There is more to the politics of Beacon than ribbon-cutting ceremonies, photo-op smiles and ‘I’m on your side until I get elected’ handshakes.


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Rich Evans

Can you tell me what happened to the NY Rubber Company? Did it go bankrupt? or did it merge with another company?

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