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Nicole Romano

do you have a phone number? i have a quick question. the question is do you know where the brochure is printed for second saturday? or who is in charge of that?



Hey guys! What's going on with the Beacon Dispatch Events Calendar? It looks as if it hasn't been updated in months! I know there are lots of good things happening in and around Beacon. Please work on your on-line events calendar. Thanks.

Mary Falcone

Could you deliver a copy of this newspaper to us. We are thinking of advertising, however, we have not seen this newspaper.

Estelle & Alfonso
4 Old Route 9W
Fishkill, NY 12524

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Has anyone been to the new Peruvian Restaurant Margarita? If not, please check it out. The owners are very sweet. It is great for a group of hungry people who just want some home-cooked food. Fried fish and baked chicken!! Please support them and help this Beacon business grow!!


What is the right email to send pictures to? I tried the link given and it didn't work!



Has anyone thought of contacting the Southeast mall and putting in familly oriented entertainment place like combo rollerblade rink,fast food restaurant.plenty of space available. or how about an indoor skateboading place for the kids these days like Traffic is there but stores are needed to keep them in besides KMart, and Burlington which happen to have great deals going for consumers.


I got to try new places on Beacon Day this Sun Sept 24,06. It was great trying new places. Good to see something other than just Mexican food as an option for Spanish Food. Spanish food has a variety depending on the country from Peruvian, Colombian and Ecuadorian hope that the Pruvian place grows to include more of the South American including Brazilian variety. Maybe even the Music on Friday and Saturday nights. Currently the area needs something in terms of businesses open (let alone open after 5pm) besides the Gas Stations.

John Fasulo

I had my doubts as to the open space initiative vote passing. It passed, but only by a hairs breath. While I support the Hiddenbrook project, and see it as a key property in keeping thearea around the mountain from being further developed and picked at by encroaching development; It is also telling that the vote was so close.
Beacon, from my perception and humble opinion has become like a college town. There are those who have lived here for a long time, raised families, worked and supported the community...the townies. The new kid on the block, new residents and investors ahve been percieved as comming into Beacon and trying to quickly move their agendas through without regard to and with distain for the 'locals'. You can see the divisions by where people buy their coffee and have breakfast. New arrivals to Beacon go to Chtonic Cafe. Locals go to Quinn's. Newly arrived city folk eat dinner at the Thai Restaurant or, until recently, O2.
Locals send there kids to public schools here...new arrivals go to Randolph School or the Poughkeepsie Day School.
Whats the point of all of this? Obviously Beacon is changing. It is as inevitable as leaves dropping from the trees in the Fall. We all live here because we love this little nook between the mountain and the river. We may have different reasons for being here, but we are here and need to look at Beacon more as a whole community and try to understand different view points and concerns.
Now that Hidden Brook has passed, there is an opportunity to create an open space area that keeps the mountain and its foothills free of any more construction.
While some may not agree with this view and will undoubtedly call me a tree hugging hippie or worse,the fact remains that people want open space, parkland and preservation of natural resourses. This is a small victory, but one that will benefit everyone in Beacon for generations.

Ann Marie Woolsey

Great coverage here.
Are you guys looking for bloggers to review local events? I am interested in writing for you guys!

Pete Doob

My great grandfather owned an embroidery factory in or near Beacon. I visited it about 50 years ago (it had gone bust in 20's or 30's). Recall brick housing for workers. Any idea whether it got recycled into something else? What about the housing? I think his home is still standing somewhere in Beacon.

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