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B. Eakins

Sounds like rather shabby treatment of dedicated employees by city leaders who have forgotten how to say "thank you" for a job (unappreciated) well done. Or is it a failure of leadership- waiting until all the legal challenges are complete before committing to support of the officers? Either way it does not speak well of the administration.


2007 is a city election year... I need not elaborate...


just want to say, although this is probably not the best forum to say so, that as a citizen of beacon, officer hopper and martinez are definitely appreciated by us. if it wasn't one of them who got shot that day, it certainly would have been one of us. god bless you and thank you city of beacon pd, you are appreciated by it's citizens, and don't let any politician's attitude change that impression

Jeanne J. Hillery

I watched Officer Anthony Hopper
of the Beacon PD grow from a boy to manhood. I watched him work his way up the ladder from Security to finally being able to fullfil his dream to be a police officer. I have never seen anyone
work so hard to achieve a dream
and never give up on that dream no matter how tough it got to keep it alive. I was there the day Anthony graduated from the Police Academy, to see his dream come true was something that defies words. I guess I want to say to all those who live in Beacon and the ones who pull all the political strings in the city of Beacon, I hope you relize how lucky you are to have to Officer Hopper. You would be hard pressed to find another officer who has such dedication to protect and serve. I also know that Anthony did not take this job for the glory and the thankyous, he took it because he wanted to make a difference in this world and maybe make it a little better place for everyone. That being said non the less he should be thanked as should Officer Martinez, you can rest easier knowing your city has true heros like these 2 fine young men. Their
families and children should be thanked for all the hours they spend looking into the dark and watching the clock, praying the phone does not ring, supporting them because they know what they do is a huge part of who they are.
You would have to know Officer Hopper the way I do to really understand that he is the real deal and I doubt you ever will, I am his mother. Thankyou Anthony and Jose you will always be heros to me.

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