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Mark Vane

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I am sure most of you have heard the news by now. Pub Crawl is on the agenda to be discussed. There is the possibility that Pub Crawl can be canceled. Pub Crawl is not on the Agenda to be discussed officially until March 3rd. However, the council members are having a closed-door discussion on February 25th. We have two chances to speak in favor of Pub Crawl. Once before their closed door discussion and once after their discussion. We will more likely have a positive outcome if we influence their decisions before the closed discussion. It is easier to sway their opinion then convince them to change their minds.

The first half hour of THIS TUESDAY’S meeting FEBRUARY 19TH AT 7:00 is open to the public for discussion. We need to all show up and state that we are in favor of Pub Crawl.

Pub Crawl is not only something we all look forward to, it is a day that generates lots of income for businesses throughout Beacon! All bars, restaurants, diners, and other local businesses benefit from Pub Crawl generated income!

I will be there! I expect everyone else to show up!

We need to show up and show support in a calm and mature manner.

See you all TUESDAY FEB. 19TH, 2008 @ A LITTLE BEFORE 7:00PM
You can contact the Mayor of Beacon Steve Gold and the rest of the beacon city council to show your support for the Beacon Pub Crawl
City Council...
Steve K. Gold
[email protected]

Council At-Large...
Eleanor Thompson
[email protected]

Council At-Large...
Marlene Fredricks
(845) 440-8714
[email protected]

Council Ward 1...
Deanna Leake
(845) 831-4245

Council Ward 2...
Charles Kelly
[email protected]

Council Ward 3...
Randy Casale
(845) 590-1351
[email protected]

Council Ward 4...
Sara Pasti
(845) 831-0025
[email protected]


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